So this happened a couple of weeks ago where I live:…

Basically a transgendered woman wanted to try on dresses in a local bridal shop with her boyfriend (fiance/husband, maybe?), and she was told that men weren't allowed to wear dresses at that particular shop, because it would make other shoppers uncomfortable. So I was ragey for a while, but there was a lot of positive support that came out of the situation so that made me a little bit happier with the world.

Today I was at my university, and this middle-aged man stopped to talk to me. He was friendly and asked if I'd like to take a flier on "human rights" that he was handing out. I took it and said thank-you, have a good day etc. Then I read the the flier and nearly had a conniption fit. It was just hate-filled rhetoric (weirdly formatted with grainy black and white pictures) that included the phrase "pander to gender fantasy" in reference to the woman who just wanted to try on a fucking dress. God. People suck.

If you're interested in having an aneurism, the flier was written by Bill Whatcott whose website is . My only consolation is that his webpage is really ugly.