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Rage post

I hate people today. I just hate them. All of them.

EvilCorporation didn't trust me to do my normal job because they're launching a new thing today and wanted lots of press attention. That's fine, client knows best and all that. So they got a PR company to write up the social media plan for me and I'll just carry it out like a drone. also fine.


EXCEPT EXCEPT EXCEPT the idiot PR people have insisted that the maximum number of tweets we send out is five, absolutely no more for no apparent reason, and the tweets they want me to use are running at an average of 300 characters long. Two of them don't make sense, one uses the same hashtag twice, one actually gets the company name wrong, and all of them use a word that we're not meant to use in communications. So I rewrote them and sent them back to be checked, and they've replied "please do not change the tweets, just send them out as they are."

After a LOT of explaining, I got them to agree to send my tweets out, but they refused to budge on the limit, and didn't want me to send out more than five tweets. Now, it's near the end of the day, and they've just sent an email expressing disappointment that we're not appearing on their Twitter feed.



I literally can't.

I just don't have the patience to deal with people today.

Woe betide anyone who pisses me off.

Please for the love of god send funny gifs before I shout at someone.

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