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Rage post OT

We had a lovely monday rage post. Let’s do a tuesday one too!

My current mood :


Why? I had my salary negotiations just a bit ago! Well.. Supposedly. Because the boss who is in charge of this, is nowhere to be found. Haha. Hah. >:|
My manager and I were all prepared, grabbed my last evaluation, I prepared this one. Etc. And the dude is just.. nowhere. Turns out he has a coaching session.. About how to handle employees.... :|
I am not amused by the irony.



It doesn’t help that I wasn’t looking forward to this conversation. Because although I’ve knocked work out of the freaking park this last half year despite health problems (grown epic amounts, delivered good products, won our company awards, looking at a promotion soon for one of our daughter companies, achieving a higher level of professionalism, am highly needed etc.), I am fairly convinced that he was going to offer me a shit raise. When what I want, need and deserve is a shitload of a raise.
I have low faith in my bosses, they aren’t professional and not dependable. Point in fact. This situation. There is no respect, no professionalism. They tout that it’s a great ‘learning environment’ while they actually put all the pressure of performance on junior employees while the senior employees (save 2) are completely unreliable.


Also; I never thought so, but our company has a sexist paying culture. A friend of mine who I brought in (about a year after I started) makes a shitton more than I do, while all the women hear “you get the max amount of raise that we offer, just to be fair to everyone”. Which is bullshit. Because that means he wouldn’t get payed that much that quickly. Regardless of doing project management or not.

I can’t even amass the amount of rage that is appropriate for this situation. This is so bad for my health I can’t even express it. I can’t eat when I’m this upset. and I barely eat to begin with. GAAAAAH.

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