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RAGE POST/OT Why do we bother to pay taxes?

It looks like the Senate has the votes to pass the crap tax bill. Fucking corrupt motherfuckers. 


A while ago (like anywhere between 2-7 years ago) I read something about how Greece had huge problems collecting taxes and that many Greek citizens considered tax evasion to be just a normal part of life. Given that the government there was (and maybe still is) terribly corrupt and inefficient no one felt that their tax drachmas/euros would be used well so they just didn’t pay. I have no idea if that’s true. But after hearing today’s news I was so angry and I want to call up every congressperson and ask why I should continue to pay taxes. My tax dollars will be used to support massive military spending (on everything but troop salaries and VA benefits) junk science, junk economics, and to make up for the shortfall from the mega corporation and the mega rich. What’s the benefit for me? There is less and less of one.

I know the Republicans would be thrilled to have people stop paying taxes because they could cut even more essential services to the bone. (Which, let’s face it, they’re going to do it anyways) And I’m not going to stop paying my taxes cold turkey. But if we’re going to be a libertarian paradise (aka third world hell hole)we’re all going to need to save our pennies to fight off the zombie hordes.

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