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I HATE what they did to Gordon. Barbara Gordon's life was wiped out by this new revamping. She should be 38/39 now she is 20. I assume she was 28 (1972) when she ran and won for Congress while at the same time Batman was involved with Talia and her evil daddy. 10 years late Damien shows up this should make Gordon 38/39.


This reworking wipes out her work during Knightfall through No Man's Land. Barbara was drawn as a woman in her 30s not 17 years old. She states in the New 52 (Death of the Family) she was shot by the Joker at 17 and paralyzed for 3 years.

Also what point did the Joker want to make? Was it that he wanted Batman to himself?


Barbara was a great character with a great history now wiped out. Yes characters in comics age much, much slower but not regress.

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