I shouldn't even be typing (hence never commentsing) because my hands are messed up and I haven't even had a chance to see the physical therapist yet, but I just need to rage here. I think the mr. may or may not be getting tired of it even if he's in 100% agreement.

Have you guys gotten the thing being passed around facebook, the long-ass thing written by a police officer who "stopped caring about my fellow man" because people are mean to the police or whatever? I'm thisclose to unfriending people over it. I can't even bring myself to read it all. It's mostly being shared by people with relatives on the force.

You know who hasn't shared it? My friend who's a cop in a suburb. He's one of the good ones; of course, everyone's cop friend is one of the good ones. I don't see this guy very often. I saw him over thanksgiving. We didn't talk about Ferguson at all. However, he himself started a conversation about how hard it is to fire a cop. He's sat on investigative boards where he recommended firing someone and the person stayed. "What about sexual assault? That'll get a tenured professor fired!" I said. He shrugged and said not really. I sat there mouth hanging open and he said, yep, that's how it is. He's a detective and likes his job a lot, but has a lot of stories about the "bad ones."

The cop who shot Tamir Rice was deemed unfit for duty by a small town department and then was hired by city police. I'm so tired of hearing how 99% of cops are good and we shouldn't judge them by bad apples. No, it's more like 50%, 70% at best, and the problems are systemic. Source: A COP. If they didn't close ranks around a fucking murderer, if they actually called out this sort of shit, if they didn't demand the Rams players be punished, then maybe I'd be interested in talking about the good ones too.

I've met plenty of nice cops. A cop got out a shovel and dug my car out of a snowbank once. But I'm a white woman. Now is the time to address head on these bad individuals AND the system that allows them to stay on the job. And I'd have more respect for the cops if they spoke up too.