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RAIN! Or, Just Another Day In The Tropics.

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As I mentioned a million times before, I'm Brazilian. What I didn't mention is that I'm from the Midwest of Brazil, a very nice region that looks like a savannah, and has 6 months of complete drought followed by 6 months of nonstop storms*. So no four seasons, just two. Vivaldi would have had less work back home.

The interesting thing is that the turning point between those seasons was today! My Facebook feed that yesterday was filled with "omg this is so hot i cant anymore please somebody send humidity" today became "holy shit the parking garage is flooding wtf i might lose my car".

The best part? This pic my friend took:

Illustration for article titled RAIN! Or, Just Another Day In The Tropics.

It was wet indeed. As for the sign that slipped, I call that poetic justice.

*This reminds me that if Tarantino wrote a Pulp Fiction-esque scene about this, he would have written
-You know how they call tropical storms in the tropics?


-Nah. They just call it rain.

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