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Where is my umbrella?

I’m currenly sitting in the kitchen, enoying sour milk with vanilla (not just flavor, but the real thing and it’s divine) and the fact that the new headphones (named Princess Leia, I’m feeling very regal) allow me to listen to music in great quality without disturbing the still sleeping roommate.
It’s raining cats and dogs and I’d love to go outside, but I can’t find my umbrella and I hate going for a walk wearing my raincoat. Yeah, obviously I don’t have any problems. :p ;)

I’ve been checking out a couple of pocket umbrellas made by my favorite brand (Knirps) and I think this beauty will soon be mine:

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Today is a holiday, at least in my state, I bought all the rations yesterday, so at least I won’t have a real reason to go outside. But I’m quite sure I’ll have to deal with a grumpy roommate later on, because he had plans (hiking with the gf) that won’t happen for now.
The rest of Germany has fallen prey to winter and today I wish we had some pretty snow instead of depressingly gray rain.

How’s your day/night?

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