The original rainbow highlighter is by BitterLaceBeauty and is still being produced, but it’s also $22 and takes one to two weeks to ship. That’s a bit much for me when it’s pretty much Instagram fodder or something I’d just wear on super weird occasions. Like, maybe clubbing. I’m an old, though, so I rarely go into a bar that isn’t attached to a hotel.


ANYWAY, I saw this and grabbed it for $10. The girl fell in love with it and proudly wore it to school. It swatches really well, but I don’t know much about its staying power. If anyone is interested, I’ll swatch it on a day that I work out to give it a real test.

To see it on the skin, here is the girl:

I also tested on her friend, who has more of a medium skin tone, and it showed up really well. In fact, I’d say it showed up better on her.