Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Rainy Days

It’s raining in North Texas for like the 6th day in a row. To be fair, we have had some intermittent sunshine here and there, but tis the season for springtime downpours. What do you GTers like to do on rainy days? I am trying to decide what I’d like to spend the rest of the afternoon, as I am going to have some free time for the first time in a few weeks after I finish this exam I’m about to go in and take. I may make a pot of tea when I get home and read my library book. I also have this desire to go through and fix/organize things in my apartment since the major unfuckening took place last weekend...I need to put all of my jewelry back in its organizer instead of piling it all on the shelf in my closet which is what I have been doing. Also, I’ve been neglecting DuoLingo for a few weeks so I may log in and do some playing there. :) I’m just trying to unplug myself from the Netflix and naps trend I’ve been running.

How about y’all? Alternately, what is everyone up to this weekend?


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