if you've never been in love.

if you've only had soulless, face-sucking relationships that ended in hesitancy to "go all the way."

if you hate whenever your married acquaintance dismisses your loneliness by smugly chortling "Oh, don't worry. You don't want to be in a relationship! winkwinknudgenudgelolol"

if you've doubted your ability to love.

if you got pissed at the finale of Ugly Betty because Betty takes off her braces and falls in love with the dumbest character in the show.

if you cringe when people say "try meetup.com."

if you are terrified of online dating because you think it might affect your job prospects, and so you don't post pictures, and so no one responds to you.

if you've posted desperate, philosophizing CL ads in the middle of the night, secretly hoping the perfect person would answer them.