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This is book one but it appears except for characters its self contained and it totally is.








Does anyone know of other novels where we discover Atlantis. I believe Verne wrote one. Any contemporary novelists.


Well a pyramid is found in Antartica. The US military finds it and in comes General Yeats a man bitter because a manned mission to Mars was scrubbed and he was preparing with teammates in the Antartica.

Well Yeats is now a General. He is back in the Antartica so he brings his estranged adopted son Conrad who is a world renown archeologist who also is shunned from archeology world. He has sticky fingers.

Also the Vatican sends a former nun Serena now called Mother Earth she is brilliant at linguistics and now a world renowned environmentalist. She and Conrad met five years before when she was a nun, he tried seducing her on a paddle boat and he was pushed in the water by her.

Now the three meet. Conrad and Serena remind me dialogue wise of a young Kathleen Turner and Michael Douglas from Romancing The Stone. I would cast Douglas as General Yeats.


The descent into the pyramid is the best part. This reminded me of AC Clarke’s Rendesvous With Rama but Clarke’s book was better.

Science wise. Yikes. The premise is the pyramid is a machine that taps into the Earth’s molten core for energy but also to move the top layer of Earth. The belief is the Earth that we inhabit is floating on a liquid molten center and every 10 or so thousand years the top moves. This is why once NYC was buried under ice and Antartica was tropical. That a scepter once inserted will get the Earth moving.


The part with the evil Egyptians who were there for the energy and a new place to live was annoying.

Oh yeah on a temple.was a spacshift which General Yeats was determined to use. The ship had a cryptofreezing rooms.


It was good, really good until the Egyptians arrived then it became cartoonish and not in a good way.

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