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Raising Hope Listicle

So I caught up on the last 6 episodes of Raising Hope, and the Finale ended up being the Series Finale but they seemed to have expected it, and I thought it ended well.

My thoughts in list form because I've had some wine:

-Burt and Virginia were one of my favorite TV couples, they were absolutely BFF, they were always on the same side. They loved doing things for each other, they loved being together and they accepted each other completely.


-Their relationship with Jimmy was so relatable to me as the adult child of teen parents. It was the dynamic of growing up with your children. They did one episode where they celebrated little home-made holidays when Jimmy was little because it was more fun than X-mas or Easter when Jimmy wouldn't have the same haul as richer classmates. The three of them were a team, whether it was taking care of Maw-Maw or Hope or Jimmy navigating adulthood but still needing parents.

-Maw Maw or Cloris Leachman, yes there was probably some things that were problematic about her portrayal of a person suffering dementia symptoms. But damn it if Cloris Leachman couldn't run circles around everyone in terms of comedic timing and screen presence.

-Working-class people who actually had financial troubles. Yes, they were upbeat and happy most of the time but Burt and Virginia lived paycheck to paycheck, made mistakes and owned up to them. AS WE ALL DO AT SOME POINT.

-Burt and Virginia were middle-aged and having sex on the damn hour. Because a wife who wants to have sex with her husband is noteworthy for TV.


Raising Hope was not without it's issues but it was a warm, funny sitcom about working-class people. Not every sitcom family needs to be upper middle-class and/or white. Husbands and wives can like each other, and adult children can have a good relationship with their parents without being seen as Peter Pans or creepsters.

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