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Rambling leading to a question about Common Core

My Halloween was about as eventful as I planned it to be, which is totally fine. We had a normal day, got dressed up and went to our friends' neighborhood for trick-or-treating for the 99% (I'm totally loving that term for what we do, no shame!), and came home late enough that the 3yo fell asleep in the car and the 9yo went to bed with no hesitation.

I was planning on spending the rest of the night with wine, GT, FB and Netflix, like you do. When we got home, I saw that there were still a few people out and our next door neighbors were hanging out in the driveway with beer and wine. After I got the kids to bed, I went out to say hi, they offered to share wine, and we ended up talking about science and religion until nearly 2:00 in the morning. It was pretty cool and light, for what it was. The three of them (neighbors are a married couple, the husband's twin brother was hanging out with them) are born-again Christians, I'm an atheist. There wasn't a piling-on, surprisingly little talking over, and that was mostly between the brothers. They politely said they thought I was naive for not seeing a creating hand in the wonder of the universe, I politely said I thought they were egotistical for believing an infinite universe was created just for our speck of dust. (Note: this is not something I generally go around telling people with religious beliefs, I'm mostly live and let live, it's just where the conversation ended up.)

Since the evening went so late, I went straight to bed when I got home, and wasn't on GT or FB for like fifteen whole hours! As I'm scrolling through, catching up this morning *coughcoughafternoon* I see that my step-mom (bless) posted this picture:


I was a little worried about sharing this picture without editing it, but she had shared it from a page called "Parents and Educators Against Common Core Standards" with their comment, "Now THAT'S a clever Mama Bear!" and I about rolled my eyes out of my head.

I love my step-mom, I do, we get along so well and our relationship has been what I think is ideal for a step-parent and step-child. But she is not very bright. Critical thinking is not her strong suit and she very often uses doubling down as a way to try to avoid embarrassment in the face of a harsh opposing idea. So I can see why she's against Common Core, even if she doesn't know why she is. I think it's basically that she's seen some of the "new math" techniques, didn't get it, and equated them as Common Core, despite the fact that Common Core is not any specific teaching method.

So all of this rambling is to ask of y'all, since this is the safest and most reasonable crowd to ask, what's up with Common Core hate? Is there something in there that is secretly indoctrinating kids? Am I just overexposed to the crazy conservatives and the conspiracy isn't an actual thing with the general population? The very first ad (paid=top of page) is for blamecommoncore (dot) com, so it makes me think there are a fair number of people who are in that camp, but maybe it's just the ones with money. I'm debating checking out that site, but haven't decided to give them the click yet.

Tell me all about it, I want your collective knowledge in my brain!



Really, though, tell me about the Common Core stuff.

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