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Welcome To The Bitchery

I am just so depressed that so much of the coverage is about downtown Gatlinburg and Dollywood being spared from the fire.

But so many people lost their homes. You can rebuild a fucking hotel easier than replacing the valuables of one’s life. You can rebuild a store but you can’t bring back negatives and original photos that burned to pieces. You can’t replace the cedar chest someone inherited from a great aunt or the handmade tools from their grandfather. Or all the people who didn’t have renter’s insurance or homeowner’s insurance who are basically fucked.

In the USA Today article I read about it, the Assistant Fire Chief made a comment like “It’s devastating. Some really nice houses are destroyed.”


The subtext is that it’s devastating the nice houses were destroyed. What about everyone else? What about people in cruddy houses or trailers or apartments or whatever else isn’t deemed “really nice”? I guess their destruction doesn’t matter since clearly those poors didn’t have anything worth saving?


I get that Gatlinburg is a tourist destination, and there are fears that if the downtown was destroyed it could collapse economically. But at least pretend like you are more concerned about the homes than the fucking tourist traps. Or even the actual Smoky Mountains? 15000 acres were scorched. Maybe that should be talked about more than that a ski resort and Dollywood weren’t damaged.

Sorry for the rant. This has been kicking around in my head all day.

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