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Ramblings of a recovering Catholic plus an article

I was raised Catholic. Forced, really. Since by the age of 8 I was asking serious questions about the church. It was never an option. I was born Catholic and that’s that. Went to catholic school grades 1 through 12 and hated it. Begged every year to be allowed to go to public school.

I’ve always had these ramblings in my brain about how my personal experience and childhood was formed, in part, by my family’s sense of connectedness to the Catholic Church and its teachings, or perceived teachings. Specifically how sex abuse, rampant alcoholism, and unsafe living environment all are interpreted and dealt with by Catholics and the Catholic Church.

I know lots of folks have been happy with the new pope. To me it’s like he’s doing the bare minimum.


According to this article he’s not even doing that. How long can we let this go? How many children’s lives need to be altered, forever, because you want to turn the other cheek, or just ignore cause you are being allowed to do just that.

Apologies for the second paragraph- I realize it may not read well or make sense but that’s all I can get out on this topic.

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