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Rampaging Elephant Rescues Inconvenienced Infant Mid-Rampage

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Elephants, man. Fucking elephants.

So this particular elephant (not the one pictured, but the one I'm about to discuss) lives in West Bengal's Purulia district in India. (The one pictured is from the lush rainforests of Wikipedia.) He's pretty surly, and is said to be responsible for damaging 17 houses in the region. When you're a human and you want to release some pent up aggression, you hit a punching bag; when you're an elephant, you bust up a dozen plus homes. (Or maybe he's some sort of elephant freedom fighter, protesting human encroachment of his natural habitat? Until we speak elephant, we may never know.)


So here's the crazy shit. After smashing up the home of Lalita and Dipak Mahato, the elephant, content with the destruction, began to walk away... then it heard the Mahato's 10-month-old daughter crying from beneath the debris.

Ol' Surly Tusks turned around and, according to the couple, removed the rubble from the trapped child with his trunk before sauntering off again. This may be like the elephant version of that scene in The Godfather at Connie's wedding, where Sonny breaks the photographer's camera and then literally tosses some bills at the dude before heading back to the party; like "Ugh. You're assholes, but fine, I'll save your kid." Or (and this is what I like to think) elephants are among the most fascinating and awesome creatures on the planet and their emotional lives are complex and wonderful.


To allay your fears: baby girl apparently only suffered superficial injuries and is expected to make a full recovery.

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