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Rand Paul doesn't understand why there are Iraqi Refugees in the USA

In a mindboggling, gobsmacking display of ignorance this week, Rand Paul expressed confusion this week as to to why the United States would take in refugees from Iraq.

“We accepted 60,000 people from Iraq as refugees,” the Kentucky GOPer said. “What I don’t get about it is, I thought asylum would be when you lost the war. We won the Iraq War! We put in place a democratic government. Why would there be any people seeking asylum from Iraq after the war?”


There aren’t enough face palms in this image of Captain Picard facepalming made out of smaller pictures of people face palming to express my feelings on this matter.

This man wants to be President of the United States, and is a sitting U.S. senator and he doesn’t know what things have been like in Iraq since the end of the war? Does he think ISIS is just in Syria Or something? Was he not paying attention when Congress passed a bill to expedite the immigration of Iraqis who assisted the American forces and now live in fear of their lives? (Btw, it still takes an average of four years for those requests to be processed.)

And the Republicans said Obama lacked understanding of international politics when he ran for President?

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