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Random Acts/GISHWHES fundraiser for Syrian Refugees

This week I am taking part in The Greatest International Scavenger Hunt the World has Ever Seen, an annual fundraiser for the non-profit Random Acts foundation, which promotes random acts of kindness big and small.

Random Acts has decided to fundraise to help two particular Syrian families living refugee camps in Lebanon. One is a family of 6 where the mother is paralyzed due to being shot in the neck in the family garden. The other is a family of 7, an unemployed widow and her six children. Their situation is so dire that her 12 year old daughter attempted suicide to try to lighten the burden on her mother.

As part of the hunt, each team is encouraged to set up a team page on the Crowdwise website to contribute to the fundraising goal. This is my team page. If any Groupthinkers can contribute that would be awesome. If you can’t contribute, please consider sharing this link on your social media.


In the interest of full disclosure, my team will get points for this, if 10 non team members donate. But it really isn’t about that. If Mr. I’s work situation had not been so bad over the past year, we would have been part of a sponsorship group for a family of Syrian refugees this year.

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