You know all those questions you keep meaning to crowdsource but then never do? Ask them here! Ask them now! Or do you just feel like helping a few poor souls out with your expertise? Answer away, you helpful angels.

Practical, personal, professional, lay it all out here!

I’ll start by asking for advice for my sister - she has a 1 year old and while out at the park she threw on some of his baby sunscreen. A few hours later, her face and neck are COVERED in breakout type bumps and she doesn’t know what to do! Last night she did a baking soda paste and then moisturized and they got smaller over night but came right back a few hours after waking up. Any suggestions??


For me, if anyone has ever dealt with a pup who has had a ruptured disc or disc disease, I am all ears. My little one threw a disc out last week and it is a very painful and also worrisome thing as she is now on a lot of drugs and we’re trying ot basically keep her as inactive as possible for a few weeks.