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Random amalgam of thoughts! (In which PoP posts drunkenly)

On movies, OKC, and booze. Not in any particular order.

I like booze. I may have drank (drunk?* For a grammar nerd, I really should know this rule but I am too drunk to ~caaaaare~) a little too much tonight because I went to an "intro to cocktails" class today, and it was awesome. We got to sample a couple different types of vodka, gin, rum, tequila, and whiskey/bourbon/scotch each. It only affirmed that I am definitely very much a whiskey/bourbon/scotch kinda gal, but I love me some gin too. Gin and tonic will always be one of my go-tos. Anyway, I probably should have eaten before the class, but I got off work late so I didn't have time and none of the food at the bar looked appetizing.


(Then I came home and ate half a bag of Bugles and some strawberry milk and now I feel kind of sick and unable to sleep. Drunk and PMS-ing PoP apparently makes some really really poor food choices.)

At work, I have to compile/curate a list of all the fall movies being released, and I am starting to really hate movies, guys. They all start to sound the same after awhile. Documentaries "explore" and dramas are tender or dark. Romances are sensual. blah blah blah. Not very much looked interesting or good, and I don't know if that's because I don't know what I'm talking about or if being so inundated with all of it makes me cynical or bored or if there is just a lot of crap being produced.

I am conversing with a bevy of men on OKC. None of it has turned into anything yet. I have noticed that I am attracting a Very Specific Type: tall, white, nerdy. That is more than fine with me. One of the guys whose profile I liked messaged me with this:

You seem real shiny like a floating chandelier. I happen to be a leaf on the wind, perhaps we could soar together?"


And, GT-ers, I have a very very strong feeling this is a reference to something I love (I am being purposefully obtuse because...can you tell what the reference is or am I just making it up in my head?), but I don't quite know how to respond. Do I even want to respond? I'm ambivalently intrigued, at the very least.

Also: OKC is a strange, strange beast and I don't know if I like it but I'm also not ready to commit to a paid dating site like match.com and it's better than not talking to anyone of the opposite sex because I am too shy to approach someone at a bar.


(When I talked to my mom after the booze class, she was all: ARE YOU DRUNK? And I did some version of this:


but verbally. And she BOUGHT IT. I am proud of myself.)

*ETA: I have been kindly informed that it is "may have drunk" because it is the past participle of the verb "to drink". The more you know!

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