Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

I just fell down a rather odd google-hole of the "small world"/old acquaintances type because I was bored and turned on the TV.

I don't really watch TV on my own. It's a thing. I also hardly ever channel hop. We have things we plan to watch and watch them together. But I'm on my own and lazy bored this evening and I've been in a weird mood all day — weird enough to turn the TV on and watch the end of "Say Yes to the Dress" while eating my dinner. So the reality TV show that I never watch ended and I started flipping the channels, and on one of the channels was "Stomp Live", which caused the mental tangents: Wow. This is so '90s. Are tours of it still going on? Oh yeah, didn't A audition for a national tour of it back when and get in? I wonder what he's up to lately. Wait . . . was it A or one of his friends? Yeah, I think it was B, not A because A ended up in that constructed boyband. [googles old acquaintance who ended up in a boyband, notes that it broke up (big surprise) and is now possibly reforming (also big surprise), notices a comment from someone that he married "his High School sweetheart".] High School sweetheart? That wouldn't be C would it? [Google's C, and yup. Looks like C married A and. . .] Holy shit C dealt with being the girlfriend/wife of a boyband member, and his fans were jealous of her. [Clicks another link. . .] Um. That's A's livejournal and this shit is personal, and it looks like it's real and the breakdown of the marriage. I don't really want to read this. [Backs out and for the heck of it clicks the next link down. . .] Wait . . . is this RPF I see? Awkward!


Yeah, so I'm pretty sure I just came across bandom RPF fanfic of someone I knew in High School . . . who was married to someone related to someone who went viral, had the internet dropped on his head, had a breakdown, and got mocked on South Park. I think that qualifies as odd enough. (And I really feel rather sorry for C, who's had rocks thrown at her by rabid fangirls who want her out of the way so they can marry the musician they have a crush on, and who witnessed her close relative have the internet dropped on his head and have a mental breakdown. C is probably the more talented of all of them too.)

Anyway, Stomp is still an amusing show mumble years later.

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