1. I have an ingrown toenail. It is making me insane. I'm sorry. NONE of you want to know this.

2. In the world of the completely useless things that I want, I want this stupid knife that I will never get:

I do need a new kitchen knife, but I'm aware, in the world where I do not have money, that I will go to Target or the Dollar Store at some point, and buy one for $5.

3. I would like to read this graphic novel. It looks good:


4. I'm about to watch Serenity again on Amazon. I can now quote things. It's very sad.

5. I'm not done with Christmas shopping, but now, I'm down to the hard stuff. The $10 gifts for friends. How to be thoughtful and meaningful for $10.

6. After watching kittens all afternoon, I now want one. Another one. I don't know why someone started streaming new kittens on the internet, and I don't care. It works for me.