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Random cell phone question about US Cellular

My SIL has US Cellular... Her phone is pretty much dead after a swim in a cherry limeade. She is 30 weeks pregnant and is borderline pre-e. She lives out in the middle of nowhere. She does not have a land line. It is a recipe for disaster and I fear for her life (not to be dramatic). I bought her a new one phone that is a non-contract phone from US Cellular. Apparently, they don't have SIM cards. Can US Cellular activate her non-contract phone to her current contract number? I have tried to google this with no avail. The no contract phone is the same phone US Cellular sells under contract, just 70 dollars less. She barely has enough to cover the cost of groceries let alone another 100 for a phone. I don't know how to advise her because I am used to having phones with SIM cards.

I feel like US Cellular may be scammy.


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