My husband came in the room. I had gotten home from work not long before and could tell he had been drinking (he talks really loud when he is tipsy). It's fine. It's not an issue.

Except for today. He took his first ever Klonopin last night (he has recently been diagnosed with depression and anxiety). After lunch today, he had an alcoholic beverage and then proceeded to shave his pubic area completely.

He sheepishly said this to me and then showed me. I gasped before I realized I did. He said he really didn't know why he did it. I have never asked him to shave nor have I expressed a desire for him to shave. I liked his pubic hair. You guys. It's horrible looking. It looked like a sad, pale elephant trunk. Complete with goosebumps and razor bumps.

He is currently putting the girls to bed and we haven't talked about it yet. I probably have hurt his feelings. I am feeling really sad that 1) I handled the situation a little poorly 2) that I will miss his wonderful pubes and 3) that the growing out stage is going to be a PIA.

But overall, I am concerned about him being so casual with alcohol with something as potent as klonopin in his system.


Btw, I don't know why this was so hard for me to post. I usually can talk about TMI stuff all the time. I guess because it's mainly about my husband...


ETA: We had a good long talk about it. We are fine. I expressed my concern about substance mixing (he just forgot) and I think he did shave for me, but wasn't really thinking or in the right state of mind to realize I wouldn't like it. It's all stubbly already.

Thanks for all your really nice and sound advice, guys. I knew I could come here and not get laughed at.