So tomorrow I am cooking a super special meal for me and Mr Kay Kay as an anniversary treat. I think I have decided what I'm doing, but as I've never done it before I was wondering if a few people here would give their thoughts? I don't want it to turn out that the flavours just don't work together or something!

My real queries are with the dessert and the main, with specific questions at the end.

hors d'oeuvres: smoked salmon on stupid french mini bread things

Starter: Steamed asparagus wrapped with italian ham

Main: marinated ribs of lamb seasoned with black pepper, with mashed potato (mixed with chives and creme fraiche), sugar snap peas.


Dessert: Baked apple stuffed with rum soaked raisins, chopped walnuts and dates.

On the main meal, I plan to do a marinade of red wine, rosemary, shallots, garlic and balsamic vinegar. I was hoping after marinading the meat I could cook off the majority of the wine, add some lamb stock and thicken it slightly to make a sauce.

Do you think this will distract from the taste of the marinated lamb? Or overpower the potato/creme fraiche/chive mixture? Maybe it could work if I only use a small amount of sauce just on the meat?


I also wanted to do roasted cherry tomatoes coated in herbs, but I'm not the tomato would go with the other flavours. Any idea?

Finally, on the dessert...I've never done it before, and was wondering if I can cook the apples whole (cored, and stuffed) without them falling apart in the oven. Has anyone tried it before?

Also, if you guys have any advice on how the fuck I can time all this so nothing is stone cold by the time we eat it that would be awesome. I don't have a hot plate yet :(


Thanks! I'm really nervous!!! I obviously would like this to go really well. I have all day to cook, so time is not a big issue.