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Random Crap?

I'm brand new to Groupthink (just over 24 hours of posting and counting) and I'm blown away by how much I'm enjoying posting on it and reading everyone else's posts.

In fact, I can honestly say that I've been paying far more attention to GT than Jez mainpage ESPECIALLY BECAUSE OF OUR SHERO NINJACATE!

To honor Ninjacate and our other wonderful Jezzies who have done a much better job of covering #SolidarityIsForWhiteWomen and Miley's cultural appropriation, I've concluded that we're operating on a much higher plane than "Random Crap, Served Fresh!" While I do think this is a funny subtitle for Groupthink and does reflect a lot of our rando posts about cat videos and such, do you think we should come up with another subtitle for Groupthink that better reflects our level of sophistication?


I would love to hear everyone's thoughts! Should we change the subtitle and if so, what should we change it to?

ETA: I know realize that it's called a tagline, not a subtitle. I learned something new about teh internets!

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