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Random Crushes and Boredom OT

I came in to work this morning determined to be very diligent, and then got here and realized that I don’t actually have enough information yet to write the press release I’m supposed to be writing. I’ve already done most of the smaller things I have to do, and my boss is out today so I’m not expecting my day to pick up much.

I realized over the weekend that I have a random crush on radio presenter Pete Donaldson, from The Football Ramble, a podcast he does that I’ve been listening to for about 6 years. He’s always been my favorite contributor to the podcast because I think he’s the funniest (weirdest) and his Geordie accent is adorable, and he (and all the guys on the podcast) are pretty outspoken against racism and sexism and homophobia. And then it occurred to me that I only had a vague idea of what he looks like, so I Googled, and I totally think his little face is the cutest, and he has a Peaky Blinders haircut which is really working for me right now.


What are you odd or random crushes or crushes that have come about in roundabout ways?

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