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Random Food/Cooking Questions

ETA: You all are SO AMAZING! I'm blown away by all the responses and thoughtful ideas. Thank you, thank you, thank you <3 <3 <3

So I'm a single person, cooking for one, and that means its hard for me to finish things before they go bad. I have a few random questions that would help me in my quest to cook more. Thanks in advance!!!

1. Is milk always bad by the expiration date? I buy half gallons, but even those are only half gone by the time I hit the date. Milk always smells funny to me, so I'm not sure how long I can drink it after the date? A day or two or not at all, etc. Can I still use it to cook (like in a muffin mix).


2. In ready made muffin mixes, a lot of time it requires an egg, something I hardly ever have, can I substitute the egg for something or just leave it out?

3. I love Siracha. LOVE. Can I just mix some Siracha with Olive Oil in a dispenser and use it as my salad dressing? Will it ruin anything if I leave it sitting on my counter?

4. How can I keep Arugula fresh, I have a special container where you open a vent, but it still gets wilty and wet so quickly. Can I just leave it out on my counter where it's room temp and dry?

Here's a gif for your help:

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