Alternative title: HoneySmacks is stuck at home and bored stiff.

When I was cleaning and shoving stuff around this past week, I realized that a lot of my treasures were other peoples trash. Literally. There's a kid-sized table and 2 chairs that I grabbed off the curb a couple of years ago. A decorative wall shelf. 2 bookshelves. A wooden chair. Old plastic milk cartons. A leather couch. And I once found a brand new crib mattress, still in plastic wrapping. All grabbed from other people's garbage.

Growing up, my mom did the same thing. We had chairs, a huge wooden desk, shelves, an old steamer trunk... all kinds of stuff.

So... Garbage-picking. Yea or nay? What are your restrictions on it? Mine are a) nothing I can't wash or wipe down with Clorox wipes, and b) no stuffed furniture (my mom had a Very Bad Experience once). The leather couch was an exception to rule b because it was my neighbor and I asked them about the couch before dragging it in.