-Think I finally have a handle on this whole when bills need to get paid thing, I used to keep a spreadsheet but then chaos ensued. Finally got myself back on track.

-Wow Thanksgiving is really damn soon. Two Thanksgivings for us, my grandmother and Geekboy's sister only live 20 minutes apart and my family eats early and his eats late. It was just easier to do both rather than start alternating. It will be a super long day

-Friday after Thanksgiving I go to my friends Turkey Deep Fry. Lots of people I've known since high school, it's a good catch up with people. It will also have my ex-boyfriend since it's the only event that we both attend with that circle of friends. So that's always interesting. Last year we had a decent system of rotating so that we were rarely around each other.

-NO OFFICE SECRET SANTA! WILL NOT HAVE TO WORRY ABOUT BUYING A GIFT FOR POSSIBLY SOMEONE I DON'T LIKE! My boss will still be giving us a little holiday party though!

-That's if I'm still there. I have a job interview after work on Tuesday. Which according to my BC pack is always the worst day of my period. God I have excellent timing.


-Damn it I hope my friend gets back to me soon I'm starving and need to know my dinner plans.