1) Y'all. I think I got all of the popcorn out of my washer. This means I am no longer living in squalorous squalority. But, I have been assured by quite a few people today that I am an extremely fucked up, horrible, ungrateful, mentally ill person with no sense of humor and no ability to take a compliment. So, that means no on the squalor, but yes on the mental instability. Can I stay around if I only have a GT score of 50%?

2) The Bots got their report cards today, and they both did well, with improvements over last term. So, we got to go to the store and they each got to pick out a Lego set and 2 minifigs. Kilobyte said that I had a good Mommy Report Card for the term, which meant that I got to buy new shoes.


3) I bought a cover for my phone, and it doesn't fit. Evidently, there is like a millimeter (and I'm not exaggerating about how small the difference is) of difference between the iphone 5 and the iphone 5c. Fuck. It's not like I can really return it after I've opened up the package and put the screen cover on the phone. So, if anyone wants an electric blue iphone 5 cover, holla.


4) Megabyte had his first basketball game on Saturday, and his team won. Yay! He did well, but needs to work on being a bit more aggressive (those are words I never thought I would say). But the BEST part of the game was when the boy on Megabyte's team who had made basket after basket was preparing another shot and had the ball up and behind his head. As he brought his hands up to take the shot, a girl from the other team grabbed the ball right out of his hands, took off down the court, and scored. I love that little girl forever. It was AWESOME.

5) Twin beds. They suck.

6) Frozen grapes. They rock.