Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery
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Random Job Etiquette Question (Plus OT)

There are two jobs that I’ve applied for at two different places. It’s been over a month since I sent in my applications but both job postings are still up. In both cases, I feel like I’m super qualified for the position (which has been rare for me as I’ve been looking-usually I’m either over or under.) Both cases were also applications through a system and I can’t easily find a contact email address for them. One does say no phone calls on the listing but the other does not. So, do I try to call and follow up at this point? At both? Or just the one? (I was thinking of saying something like, I’ve has another offer somewhere, but Im still very interested, so I wanted to check in.) Thoughts? I just am desperate to do something that will ensure that a real human takes a look at my application.

Also, talk amongst yourselves if you so choose.


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