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Random knowledge: how to free a mouse from a glue trap

Some of you guys might remember my post last year about how my boyfriend needed to free a mouse from a glue trap. I posted this adorable picture of said mouse after she was freed:

I remember thinking that it was weird that my boyfriend left the poor mouse out all night because he didn’t even think there was any way to free her. He didn’t even try Googling it. The friends he asked suggested doing a “mercy killing,” because none of them knew how to get mouse out of a glue trap either. The fate of mice in glue traps came up on my Twitter yesterday, so it seems like most people I know don’t really want the mice to die in glue traps, but have no clue how to get them out.


The short version: use oil.

Oil is great at unstickyfying sticky things. Most oils you have in your kitchen or bathroom will work in a pinch (our little friend here was freed using olive oil, which became her unofficial name for a while). Pour the oil in the glue trap, and the mouse will free herself. You’ll just want to put the trap outside and use the oil method there, that way when the mouse gets loose you don’t end up with the mouse in your house. Again.

If you want step-by-step instructions, there’s this how to from wikihow. There’s also this video on YouTube on freeing mice from glue traps (warning: the visuals do feature actual mice stuck in glue traps).

I know this post is pretty random, but it’s a random subject that’s come up a lot in my circle. So now I’m passing the knowledge to all of you. Trust me, even if you never have a mouse issue yourself, if a friend laments over not wanting a mouse to die in such a horrible way and you are able to help them, you look like a goddamned mouse hero and that’s kind of awesome.


And since I like to leave my posts kind of open-ended: what bits of useful knowledge do you guys like to share with people?

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