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Fluterdale’s fashion post got me thinking, and I realize this is probably the stupidest (“most stupidest”) question ever, but how do you legging?

I love tights. I love the colours and most importantly, I love the “built-in” sock feature. I pretty much always wear socks. I finally got some good walking sandals for the summer, so now I can start thinking about leggings (because leggings get ALL THE FANCY PATTERNS because I’m assuming they’re easier to make than tights? So no one makes super-cool tights. Everyone makes super-cool leggings). But what happens in the fall when I need to wear closed-toe shoes again? Do I wear socks+leggings? Because that seems like it would look weird. Do I have to get shoes that are “no-sock” shoes*? Is everyone wondering how a 26 year old woman has lasted this long without understanding how leggings work? I JUST LOVE TIGHTS, OKAY


Bonus hair poll: I recently got my hair cut much shorter than I usually do and my cousin’s wedding is tomorrow and I have NO IDEA how to style it. I tried pin curls, so which is better:




*I wear kinda-boring (still pretty cute) but more supportive Ecco shoes most of the time, and if I don’t wear socks they get stinky real fast. I seem to have forgotten how to fashion and do good, well-supported flats exist that I wear without socks and don’t make my feet sweat all over the place?

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