Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Random moments of self-awareness

I'm feeling down. Depressed. Sad. Wallowing in loneliness and alienation. I hate being alone on holidays. I'm sure I could have scared up something to do, but I didn't. So I was feeling really bad for myself and worse by the minute when I had one of those odd, almost out-of-body moments about self-awareness. Like a little light-bulb going on over my head...I went "oh...this is THAT issue I've been working on." I had a little conversation with myself about it, and dealt with it. And I'm feeling a lot better! I'm still not thrilled about life, and still hate being alone on holidays, but I'm feeling ok about not feeling ok. I'm going to cook myself a delicious dinner and watch a movie. Anyways, have some kittens.

P.S. This might have been brought on by some seriously good weed.


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