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So, while I was driving to work this morning, I somehow got to thinking about the crimes and punishments in The Breakfast Club, and they seem bizarrely unequal. Basically all five kids are in Saturday detention (same punishment) and yet their offenses are WILDLY different.

CharacterOffenseMy Thoughts
ClaireDitching schoolOkay, Saturday detention seems reasonable enough.
AllisonNo offense, just was boredOkay, whatever.
AndyPhysically Assaulted another student, Excessive BullyingReally, 1980's? Saturday Detention? Oh wait, he had to miss a meet too! BooHoo!
BrianBrought a gun to school (okay, a flare gun)Think about that in today's standards. Or even any standards after Columbine. I think one day of detention is a pretty weak punishment. And, somebody should get that boy some therapy.
BenderDid we ever really find out what offense Bender was in for on that particular Saturday? If we assume some of the worst offenses that we saw, it could be
  • Drugs on school grounds
  • Switchblade on school grounds
  • Threatening someone with a deadly weapon
  • Sexual assault of a fellow student
For any of these offenses, you would think he would get more than a Saturday detention, right?

I have really never thought much about this before, but hell, I was stuck in traffic.


Anybody else have thoughts on this?

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