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Random musings from a lady out of surgery

Despite my respiratory system's bid to prevent all other healthcare, I was finally able to have my second foot surgery to get the temporary hardware in my foot removed. So I'm woozy but finally home, got to eat REAL FOOD (OMG the whole starve yourself before surgery is the WORST). Just took my first pain pill, and I have silly observations!

Is it just me, or are all anesthesilogists really, really good looking? Because they seem to be. Of course, since they are the people with the awesome drugs, so maybe there's a bit of a halo effect going on. But still. I could've gotten lost in Dr. Gupta's eyes today. Hello Doctor!


Speaking of anesthesia, do they not do the countdown backwards anymore? I remember they put a mask on me for some oxygen, they were busy arranging stuff on tables, then BOOM next thing I know i was getting woken up in the recovery room. Oh, guess the surgery's over?

Why do they keep the pre-op area SO DAMN COLD? Like, I had to have 3 blankets after I put on my stupid gown. Even the nurses were complaining about how cold it was.

Another thing about pre-op areas- so much for HIPAA. Like, those curtains do not block sound AT ALL. So I know all about the guy cross the way's bout with esophogeal cancer and the lady next to me's eye procedure and hate of needles. Glad you guys know my birth control method!

Be prepared, GT, because I got pain meds and two days off of work and I'm supposed to stay off my feet. LOTS OF INNANITY AHEAD.

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