Hello GT friends! How are you and what are you going to be doing this weekend? Any plans? I know what you can do, help me decide what I’ll do to thank my coworker!

Should I get my co-worker more than a card as a thank you? Tomorrow my co-worker is coming home and I’m moving from her room to another room. Before she left we agreed that I wouldn’t pay her to stay in the room (since I’m still paying rent to my ex) but I want to give her something. I took care of the cat and bought food and litter. She planned on paying me back for it but I want to decline. How would you feel if someone house and cat-sat and you got a card in return? Should I add some money? I’m just not sure. What do you think? (also I think I killed the tree fern that we gave her.. if I can’t revive it I’ll buy her a new one)

Drunk people are annoying sometimes. Last night the girlfriend of a coworker joined us, she was hella drunk (she joined us after having some beers with her own coworkers) and was obnoxious. She kept going “Are we the youngest people here? We are! You guys are so old!” you guys being me and the other co-worker. Being loud in the supermarket where we shopped for food. We made wraps. She’s a vegetarian so we made her vegetarian mince (quorn? It was called?) and minced meat for ourselves and she went on a rant about how she wasn’t going to go on a rant about how horrible the bio industry is and we all shouldn’t be eating meat. Then she proclaimed that the BEST shows ever made were Sopranos, the Wire and GoT and everyone who thinks differently is an idiot. I managed to keep inside my “wow so the only shows you like are about seriously problematic worlds where men are idolized for being total dicks? Also criminals?” but did mutter a soft ‘wow we have very different taste in tv shows’ then went on about how she wanted to have tony soprano’s baby because he was the best. Luckily they left soon after.

I talked to the ex for the first time in weeks. I hadn’t responded to his ‘I miss you’ texts because I just couldn’t deal with it. I was hoping to pick up my things soon but it doesn’t look like that’s in the cards right now. We talked for a long time and he’s having a hard time accepting how I’m just giving up on us when he still remembers mostly the good and feels I’m (and we) are worth fighting for. I told him I’m simply happier on my own right now. I cried and I miss him terribly and absolutely, but talking to him and once again going over how I just make things heavy and hard and can’t just live in the moment and enjoy the good times, made me surer than ever that I’m doing the right thing. We’ll meet up next week to discuss practical matters.


I need a drink. I was going to stay home alone tonight but I think I’ll go to the philosophical festival anyway and get myself a drink. Hopefully they have one like this. For now I feel like that hedgehog all the time, just trying to get out but failing. But being adorable while doing it, of course ;)