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Random OKC thoughts/questions.

I got a message that just said "lol, not bad". The guy in the thumbnail was holding a dSLR camera and gazing into the distance, while wearing fingerless gloves and a hipster hat. I feel like that says something. I don't know what.

I've gotten a couple nice messages from people I don't really have any interest in. Do I just ignore? Message back with a "thanks but no thanks?"

Someone I've been messaging asked me to brunch on Saturday. I'm already going to the National Book Festival that morning. I kind of think it might be nice to mention that I'm going so brunch is out...but if he's interested, he can meet me at x time (obviously after I've seen Margaret Atwood so I can give her my full attention). It's a public place so there's that, my roommate's volunteering so she could be around for backup but won't be present, and there'll be a lot going on, which feels like so much less pressure than brunch. What do y'all think? My roommate agrees with me, but I wanted to ask for your opinions too!


I'm curious about the algorithms OKC uses for their "matches" versus "quickmatches".

Saw a guy's profile on "quickmatch" and liked what I saw. He must have liked what he saw too because I got a message from OKCupid that we "like each other" or something? But his profile says he lives outside of the city and not just in, say, Silver Spring or something but, like, halfway to Baltimore. If not for that, I would have messaged him already.

Last. This has nothing to do with OKC, but I just "discovered" this band, San Fermin, and I'm now obsessed. I listened to their album four times tonight.

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