There were so many things weird with this OKC back and forth I don’t even know what to do with it.

I’ve pretty much given up here, but this guy contacted me and could write in complete sentences, didn’t call me “sweetie” or “dearie” and did not send naked pictures or pics with dead animals (I’m in Kansas, there’s lots of “me with dead animal” photos.)

He asks if I want to get together in an hour. I actually have plans, but said I’m free for the next several days. No, he has some eurhythmy (an art movement dance?) workshop all day, family plans, board meetings, school meetings and a Steiner study group (inner work of individuals who feel the necessity and commitment to reach beyond the ordinary, perceived limits of human knowledge) blahbity blah blah every single day.

Oy. I am all for the naval-gazing but wow.

ok. A couple weeks later, I’m bored, I’d like to be kissed. I ask if he feels like meeting that weekend. Nope. He has a birthday party and a meditation class. I made a joke about how it must be hard to date if he is never available and he replied he is very firm with his plans and commitments to his family. Because why would you give up a meditation class for some kissing.

ugggh, what the hell man. Is this why my life is a mess? Because I don’t have every moment filled and I’m willing to blow off yoga for some nookie?