Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

... when people spell your name wrong even though an example of to clearly spell it is RIGHT THERE. This has happened to be like five times in the last few days. People keep sending me emails or messages that say things like "Hi Violette" even though in order to actually send me the message, they would have had to type in my email which is Violet@xyz.com, with the correct spelling. Or look me up on Facebook and see again, my name is Violet not Violette*. Or respond to me on a Facebook post or chat, where what they are typing is 1/4 quarter of an inch from my name written out correctly.

My IRL name is one of those that has a fairly common spelling variant, but the correct spelling and how I use it is all over the place for them to see and they still spell it incorrectly. It's not like I was on the phone and just said "My name is Violet" and they're left to their own devices to guess. It is literally spelled out for them, multiple places.


Bah! Please share your Friday annoyances in this curmudgeonly thread!

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