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I was going to ask if GT wanted to do a little group project similar to when we do AMAs, and now I'm wondering aloud... would anyone be interested in an expert sub blog? Or turning this into some kind of weekly thing?

The concept would be simple either way: talk about what you are good at or have a lot of experience in. Doesn't matter what it is; a sport, a talent, an industry you work in, a subject you have studied and would love to share with non experts. Just whatever you think you can answer a lot of questions about.


I'm just so thrilled that the Intro Post (which is still going, so go say hi!) just highlights so many witty, intelligent, talented people we have in our little corner of the Internet. And it's entirely selfish on my part, but I'd love to learn more about things from people with firsthand experience in anything.

What are you good at? What do you know about? Tell me all about your passions in life!

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