Well... basically I had a university contact me about republishing one of my essays for a syllabus (yay!) and in the course of getting the details, I realized that they were in fact using two of my essays not just the one they asked about. The other was the Miley one. Essentially they said they didn't have to ask my permission because they found it on Gawker so they asked Gawker's permission. Which... yes, technically that's probably true. but dude... basic common courtesy? I gotta eat too! I'm obviously not a paid author and the stupid thing LINKED TO MY BLOG.

Anyway, since that happened, and I hated it, and they were technically in the right, I'm not going to be cross-posting stuff here wholesale anymore. I've already gone back and truncated all my essays; so basically anything that I posted to my blog first, or also posted to my blog. Yes, including the Miley one, even though it hurt my heart to do it. I left up the Tone Policing and the Hugo Schwyzer ones for "be nice to each other" and documentation purposes respectively.

From now all I'll probably just post a paragraph or two and link out so that there is no confusion that IT'S ALL MINE AND YOU HAVE TO ASK ME IF YOU WANT TO USE THE WHOLE THING. There's also the added benefit of sending traffic to my blahg so there's that :)

I know it seems super click-bait whore-y, (it is. I'm sorry :/) which is why I was posting the whole thing AND the link to give people the option to click over or not, but I've been getting a lot of requests to use my essays recently (awesome!) from people who find it here first, and I don't want the fact that I use Kinja to end up making me undermine myself.

So... I'll still be writing, but you may have to do more clicking. Please don't be mad!