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If you had the chance to go to Mars knowing that you will have a high chance of dying prematurely and probably would never see your friends and family again, would you? Why or why not? I am on the fence about this one but ultimately I don’t think I would. It’s too final. There are people I would miss too much and there is so much I want to do and see in this world.

However, I was listening to one of those NPR shows, like Here and Now and one of the women was like “FUCK YEAH” and I was just like a bit taken aback—like her enthusiasm was so far from my own feelings about it—though it’s great if some people feel that way! We need adventurers.


I don’t think it’s likely that I’d get a chance but you know, the chance for Mars Colonization might be something that will happen this century so it’s something that might come up for people that we will encounter in our lifetime.

And it’s a random question.

And something that President Obama talked about today.

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