I have an acquaintance who I used see quite a bit, but not much lately. We are still facebook friends. She recently quit a decent job that she had for 10++ years to do some kind of MLM stuff. She seems to be one of the few who is doing well at this sort of thing so good for her I guess. I think I have to defriend her though because I’m sick of seeing posts about eye bag treatments and lash lengtheners and shit. She posts videos of herself talking about MLM crap all the time. That’s not so weird. Marketing I guess. The weird part is though she is ALWAYS riding in a car (as the passenger) in these videos. She’s never just sitting around at her house. Is this some bizarre MLM tactic. What gives? Why is she only making videos while riding in a car. I almost want to ask her, but I don’t want to engage with any kind of MLM crap and she seems pretty deep into it.