Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

How early do you people start plotting your Halloween costumes?

I’m already plotting mine, and it’s not even July. To be fair, this is the earliest I’ve ever plotted it out. But I’m also struggling to find a top that will work - I’ve got the pants and the boots (well, I may get a pair of flat boots, depends. Stilettos would be hot, and I have black leather knee-high stiletto boots, but that’s not *quite* the look I’m going for. I want something that’s like a leather zip-up jacket but not as thick as a traditional leather jacket - kind of like a work out zip-up but leather/pleather, if that makes sense. I’m dying my hair fairly drastically for the costume so I really want to get it right.


I take all of this very seriously! Think I get it from my Mom - that woman has always had literally all the costume game. It’s amazing. I do have plans once His Majesty and I are able (because it’s gonna be pricey) that he will be Henry VIII and every year I’ll be a different Wife. Hopefully we get to a point where we are able to host an annual costume party around the holiday, because that’s the most socially acceptable way for me to fulfill my dreams of hosting an annual masquerade ball.

Is anyone else here as crazy as I am? Assure me I’m not alone!

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