If you got the chance to talk to an actor/actress you really admired, what would you say? Ask?

If I got to talk to David Tennant, I'd want to tell him that his turn as the Doctor helped get me through some really tough times (undergrad thesis writing, various illnesses, depression) - and one of the highlights of my first solo trip abroad was seeing him and Catherine Tate in Much Ado About Nothing. I'd ask him what was the most emotionally taxing episode of Doctor Who for him. What was the most outright joyous/fun.

If I got to talk to Tom Hiddleston, I'd ask him if/how he identifies with the characters he plays. Has he always been so good at impressions? What's the role he most wants to play? (What is his favorite alcoholic beverage...and will he have one with me? ahahaha...I wish.)

If I got to talk to Meryl Streep, I think I'd just plotz. Or gush. (Or something equally embarrassing.) But I think I'd ask her, given the variety of characters she's played in her super venerable career, what is the easiest/hardest thing about slipping into the skin of such different people?

I have more, but I want to hear yours!