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Random Questions: Tell me about Fiber Optics Edition

It’s time for us to all ask the most random questions we can! And hopefully answer a few for each other. So please, bring those random questions that have been lurking in your brain, or your random knowledge you thought you’d never use.

Mine is: Has anyone worked with fiber optics? I’m in full blown Halloween costume mode and I’d love to make mine light up. I could go the easy LED route but I would love to do fiber optics and pretend I am Claire Danes at the Met Gala.

I can find a million tutorials but I am so confused about actually working with the strands and more so, how to buy them and figure out what I need. There is length but also the number of strands, and the main seller (weidamark) is very confusing to me. Everything I have heard is that they are expensive, but based on me trying to price out ordering raw materials (not kits) it’s not that expensive... so I must be doing it wrong :)

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