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Welcome To The Bitchery

So here’s a question I’ve been having that I don’t want to google because my imaginary answers are way more amusing. Can you carbonate any liquid in a Soda Stream? Like could you pour juice in? Wine? Chicken broth? I suspect both carbonated Merlot and chicken broth would be gloriously disgusting but I don’t see why it wouldn’t be technically possible.

Also recently I found myself with Harry Potter questions:

Dumbledore suspected/knew about the horcruxes for 12 years and didn’t try to go after them until he could do it and torture Harry? That seems kinda messed up yes?


Also why the hell didn’t the Order of the Phoenix stay semi active and help him with this shit? If Harry could get them surely more experienced wizards could. Or did Dumbledore just want all the glory for himself if he succeeded?

And why the hell didn’t anyone get therapy for PTSD? I mean it seems every adult has it in the books and also folks like Neville. And I can’t imagine that the whole battle of Hogwarts deal after a year of agony at the Carrow’s hands couldn’t have been great for the Hogwarts students. And surely Harry was a bit fucked up by the whole thing too?

Finally my age old question: after Harry has ample evidence that people are trying to actively kill him why the fuck is he still so blase about his schoolwork that has the potential to literally save his life?

(I really did love the books in the moment, it’s just the aftermath that has me questioning. Like when you suddenly feel sorry for all the poor saps that have to try and explain to the insurance company that they have no idea who totaled their car a day after watching a Jason Bourne movie.)


What weird questions or thoughts have you had lately?

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